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Located in north of Urumiq city and established in 1956, Xinjiang Medical University XJMU is a unique compreshensive medical university full of ethical endemic and regional character, including that of its predecessors, Xinjang Medical College and Xinjiang Chinese Medical College. Approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education in 1998, XJMU has officially developed into a large and comprehensive medical university for teaching, treatment and expert scientific research. The university is made up of 16 colleges/faculties, 13,848 staff, 21,818 students including 600+ international students. In 2006, XJMU was proudly awarded “Excellent” in undergraduate teaching standards evaluated by the Ministry of Education in China. It is also approved among the first group of institutions to admit international medical students in 2009. After being ed as “Advanced International Education Organization”, we are named as “Modeling Base for International Education”. In 2013, the university gained good result in the international M.B.B.S. undergraduate education assessment and the scale of the international medicine education become as the leading pioneer at the national level. International Education College is responsible for international students management. We provide all levels of programs including undergraduate, postgraduate, doctorate degree , as well as language training and Chinese/Western Medicine training courses. International students , hospital staff and medical researches from various countries are warmly welcome to XJMU and our affiliated hospitals for research and academic exchange.

FSSC has enrolled 65 students till now. Medical Unviersity has received some overshelming response from our students. They says college has excellent infrastructure and teaching.

  • The course is available for inter/+2 completed student(Biology,Physics,and Chemistry)
  • TOEFL is not needed!!!
  • 80%Marks in Higher Secondary Board Exam Reqired(Lesser marks might also be considered).
  • 5yrs with 2yrs Clinical Rotation.
  • USMLE(United States Medical Licensing exam is include within the MD Program).
  • Around 200 post-MD programs to choose.
  • Hassle-free Visa Processing and Documentation.
  • Low Costing Programs and Higher quality Education.
  • Proven to be ten times better than Russia,China and Ukraine Medical Universities.
  • Students with science degree in India with Subjects of Biology can also Apply .
  • Clinical Rotation will be offered exclusively in Top US hospitals.
  • Third year third semester study in USMLE step1(NO FEES).
  • Each Year Three semester.
  • Every year Food and accommodation 200$(OR)250$.
  • 5 Years with 2 years of Clinical Program in US hospitals.
  • First 3 years in Windsor University School of Medicine.
  • After 2 years Clinical in Chicago.